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The Premiere

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Filmmaking is a journey. In every journey there are moments you’re going to remember forever.

On March 30th, we premiered Moccasin Stories at Forth in the Exchange District in Winnipeg. The event was invite only and featured local filmmakers and artists, friends and family of those involved, educators from the city, and those looking to promote the need to continue to integrate Indigenous perspectives and ideas into our country’s culture.

We would like to thank all of those who attended, as well as Ali Fontaine was gracious enough to open our event with a couple songs. We packed 85 people into 55 seats somehow, so I must thank those who stood and sat, watched, listened, and engaged in the Q&A session afterwords. The night was truly memorable.

I’d also like to thank Gosha Tomczyk for snapping up some fabulous pictures for us at the event.

Moccasin Stories Film
Director/Producer Charlene Moore (left) and Producer/DOP Andrew George

So What’s Next?

We’ve been quite quiet since we completed the project this past fall. We plan to pick things in up 2017.

View the Film on MTS

Without MTS, Moccasin Stories would not be possible. You can watch the film on MTS’ Stories From Home section through the company’s Video On Demand services.


Winnipeg Film Group will be distributing the film to Festivals across the world. The process can take some time but we’re hoping to hit big screens in the fall of 2017.


There will be select viewings over the next few months. The film will screened as part of a presentation at the UNESCO Gener-Action Student Conference at Vincent Massey Collegiate at the end of April, along with screenings with students at St. John’s High School in Winnipeg.

If you’re interested in a screening at your school, please, drop us a line and we’ll chat details.

The Future

Over the next couple of months we’ll be promoting the film and its message online. Eventually teacher resources will be developed based on the feedback from students and educators during these initial school screenings.


Andrew George

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