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Right off the bat, I really didn’t know what to expect once I heard I’d be working on Moccasin Stories. The idea just hit me, since even I wasn’t exactly sure what was the significance of moccasins in our Aboriginal culture. So it was indeed intriguing to work on this documentary as I’d also be learning along with our potential audience, while getting to work behind the scenes. It was great to hear I’d be working with Charlene again. Charlene had worked on sound in my recent short film I directed last November, and now the shoe is on the other foot. Surely enough, I was willing to put that same amount of effort on and off set, to help put out a great product in the end.

I do remember owning a pair back in my younger years, serving as indoor shoes for school and home. I believe it was my parents who bought them for me. Even then, I questioned what was the significance, but my 8 year old self would soon shrug it off and continue to rock these cool looking moccasins around school. But while working with Gloria, she had mentioned something about people walking with the Earth in moccasins back in the day, you can feel everything below your feet. I suppose that really wasn’t the case for me back then, because I was walking on marble floors the whole time, which I guess is a little unfortunate. But it felt it was never too late to experience it as they did, if the opportunity arose.

Working these first couple weeks have been pretty great. Getting to help with the gear, listening to these cool stories our interviewees tell, and working social media alongside my fellow classmate/intern, Darcy Waite. Though there were some slightly rough bits here and there, but I was committed. Even if it does mean turning into a mosquito’s human buffet as I’m getting that perfect light shined up on the subjects face. Ha! We still got some work ahead of us in these next few weeks, and I’m looking forward to this new learning experience.

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